City Parking Proposal

Downtown Parking – Proposed Price Increases

The City of West Palm Beach is proposing sweeping changes to parking downtown. Key price increases include:




On Street Meter Parking

enforced 7:00 am-7:00 pm

enforced 7:00 am - Midnight

First Hour Meter Parking (Zone A)



Two Hours Meter Parking (Zone A)



Three Hours Meter Parking (Zone A)



Sunday Parking


Regular rates

Monthly Parking Pass in City Garages

(Zone A)

$42 Residential

$85 Business

Eliminate Residential

$150 Business

First Hour in City Garages

$1 for the first 2 hours

Free first hour, $3 second hour

Max Daily Rate in City Garages



Lost Ticket in City Garage



In response to merchant feedback, the City included a 50% off Monthly Night Rates (after 3PM) for service industry employees and bulk off street parking validation at 25% off.

The rationale for these changes is that customers value convenience and accessibility over affordability. If the rates increase, more parking will be accessible and that will be convenient for people who are willing to pay more.

While that may be true, our concern is that such an abrupt and dramatic increase will be perceived as a deterrent to living/working/playing Downtown. At a time when public perception is crucial to our success, we must phase changes in slowly and OVER-communicate.

The City's Parking Plan utilizes “demand based pricing” which is a valid strategy for parking. Basically, it means that if an area is too full, you raise the price. If an area is too empty, you lower the price. Encouraging people to park in the City Garages is a good thing. Stepping down pricing as you move away from the City Center is a good thing. We just don’t want too much of a good thing, too soon.

What do you think? The City of West Palm Beach is inviting you to fill out a survey. “The City seeks to better understand people’s priorities in order to better manage the City’s parking supply and demand. Those who want to participate are encouraged to fill out an online survey or email the City directly. The survey will be open for one week, starting on Wednesday, January 30.”

To participate in the online survey, please visit To provide feedback on parking downtown via email, please email [email protected].


Proposed Parking Zone (Tier) Map excerpted from City of West Palm Beach presentation January 2019.