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Your voice & action matters, and we need your help to make a collective impact! The West Palm Beach Downtown Neighborhood Association (DNA) values your opinion on the proposed additional marina on the downtown waterfront.

Please complete this important 3-question survey by July 19th, 2023.

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Here is more detailed information regarding this topic:

The City of West Palm Beach is proceeding with plans to develop a new, additional marina on the Downtown Waterfront, located between Palm Harbor Marina and the South Cove Islands near to Okeechobee/Royal Park Bridge (from roughly the Clematis Street to Fern Street). The proposed marina, for 84 boat slips for yachts up to 150 ft, would encompass the current public docks and require a marina office building as well as a loading/valet area, most likely located in part of the current linear park along the waterfront. This development would significantly impact the ambience, character and functionality of our Downtown Waterfront Park, which is considered by many to be the most important amenity for downtown residents and visitors alike.

The recent decision by the City Commission to enter negotiations for an additional marina stems from an unsolicited proposal submitted on June 30, 2021 by a local business group called City Harbor LLC, supported by the Palm Beach Boat Show. On August 9, 2021, the City Commission then adopted Resolution No. 210-21, without public comment or feedback, which determined that an additional city marina “would serve a public purpose as a recreational facility and would be used by the broader public at large”, and therefore determined to consider the proposal and accept other proposals for the same project. Consequently, the city hired an engineering firm to examine the feasibility of 3 proposals received. Finally, on June 5, 2023 at a “Special City Commission Meeting” initiated by the City Administration,  the commission reviewed the proposals from 2 final applicants. During this meeting, the Commission had several options to consider, including halting the process, requesting more information, postponing the decision, issuing a standard Request for Proposal (RFP) for more proposals, or proceeding with the evaluation and selection of applicants. Again, the public was not permitted to speak at this public meeting.  There was no public notice.

By a vote of 5 to 1, with downtown Commissioner Fox voting “no” due to a lack of public input,  the City Commission chose to move forward and selected the original applicant, City Harbor LLC, as the first choice.  While the public has not had any opportunity to provide input for the unsolicited proposal before now, moving forward, the process will require public input.  The Palm Beach Post article on June 9th reported that the city is pursuing the marina to “protect” the boat show.  However, the Palm Beach Boat Show representatives have not said publicly that they would move if they do NOT get an extra marina and there is no indication or inclination that they would have anywhere else to move to.

Here is a link to the video of the Special City Commission meeting on June 5th:

The DNA would like to gain a better understanding of the public support, or lack thereof, for the additional marina and is encouraging residents to take the survey.  In the meantime, should you like to voice your opinion to the city commissioners and the mayor about this project, we have included their email addresses below.  Remember to always email commissioners separately regarding this or any issue they may/will vote on, due to Florida Sunshine Laws.  Commissioners may not discuss issues outside of city commission chambers which may be voted on in the future.  A group email can be misconstrued as discussion.

Mayor Keith James, (561) 822-1400  | [email protected]

City Commissioner Christina Lambert, 561-822-1390  | [email protected]

City Commissioner Cathleen Ward, 561-822-1393 |

City Commissioner Shalonda Warren, 561-822-1390 | [email protected]

City Commissioner Christy Fox, 561-822-1390 |

City Commissioner Joseph Peduzzi, 561-822-1390 | [email protected]


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