Support the Prohibition on Camping Downtown

The West Palm Beach City Commission recently passed a "Prohibited Conduct" ordinance that prohibits panhandling and soliciting, public indecency, urination, and defecation. On Monday, April 19, the Commission will vote (first reading) on adding a prohibition on sleeping or camping in public spaces within Downtown. 

In our recent "Security Ambassador" survey, 96.5% of respondents support a prohibition on sleeping or camping in public spaces within Downtown. Please continue to make your voice heard by signing this petition which will be submitted to the WPB City Commission.   

You can also Print a Petition Flyer to distribute to your network.

Downtown West Palm Beach wishes to promote the health, safety and welfare of its citizens, visitors, and businesses. To that end, Ordinance No. 4934-21 regulates and prohibits sleeping and “camping” in public areas, as well as in the entrances and exits of the City's businesses.
However, the City wishes to make enforcement of such prohibitions applicable only after the City has undertaken significant outreach measures, including offering social service and/or housing/shelter assistance and where housing/shelter is available. 

I support the "Prohibited Sleeping/Camping" Ordinance No. 4934-21 and urge the City of West Palm Beach to enforce this ordinance by maintaining a coordinated effort between the WPB Police Department, the Homeless Outreach Team, and the Security Ambassadors.

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