PAL Game Nights

The WPB DNA is a proud supporter of the WPB Police Athletic League and we have participated in several GAME NIGHT events. The goal is to spend time with the PAL kids at their Center and play various board games or card games. Many of these children are dealing with challenging situations, and PAL gives them a safe place to go. The staff at PAL help us interact positively with the PAL youth and have FUN! 

What Is PAL?
The Police Athletic League (PAL) is a juvenile crime prevention program that relies heavily upon academics and recreational activities to create and maintain the bond between police officers and kids on the street.

PAL is based on the strong belief that children, if reached early enough, can develop a strong positive attitude towards police officers in their journey through life towards the goal of adulthood and good citizenship.


The PAL Center is located at 720 N. Tamarind Ave at 7th Street.