Security Ambassador Survey

The Downtown Development Authority currently contracts with PSC Security to provide security services Downtown through Security Ambassadors in easily identifiable yellow shirts. Changes are being proposed to this contract that will add ways to monitor, track, improve performance and clearly define expectations. See the DDA February Board Packet for more detail.

The City Commission recently passed a "Prohibited Conduct" ordinance that prohibits panhandling and soliciting, public indecency, urination, and defecation. The Commission will soon vote on adding a prohibition on sleeping or camping in public spaces within Downtown.  Currently, PSC Security Ambassadors are not empowered to enforce this ordinance and must contact a City employee such as the WPB Police. 

We want to hear from you! How do you think the Security Ambassador Program is performing? Do you think they should be able to enforce quality of life issues? Please take a moment to complete a short, anonymous survey.

Click here to complete Security Ambassador Program Survey

Part of our mission is to advocate for public safety and neighborhood concerns. We are so excited about all the positive changes and growth happening now. We encourage you to get involved in your neighborhood through events like our upcoming Downtown Walk and Jot where we will walk around the neighborhood and record different things we see that need to be fixed, cleaned, or addressed. 

As always, we will send out summary survey results. Thank you for your feedback!