Smart City Project, DDA Annual Report, and City Landmarking Update

DNA members met at the City Courthouse, where history met progress. We learned about critical updates essential for every downtown resident and stakeholder. With so much unfolding in our vibrant downtown, clarity is key. 

The event recording and the presentation slides can be found here


6:00 pm – Registration and Networking

6:10 pm - Welcome and DNA Updates from Sitima Fowler, DNA President
Discover the latest initiatives driving our Downtown Neighborhood Association forward this year.

6:20 pm – Downtown Development Authority (DDA) Annual Report, Raphael Clemente,  DDA Executive Director
With the significant growth seen the past year, the DDA continues to expand programs to keep pace with that growth.

6:35 pm - WPB Smart City Project, Chris Roog, CRA Executive Director
WPB is on its way to becoming a smart city.  Find out what the project entails and what it means to you.

6:50 pm – City Master Plan Landmarks Update
Get us an update on the historic buildings that are landmarked and the process to preserve our history.