New Parking Rates

From the WPB City Commission - March 21, 2022 agenda

8.4. Resolution No. 88-22 amending existing parking rates and hours of
operation for the City Parking System.

PASSED UNANIMOUSLY 3/21/22 -Rate adjustments will go into effect May 1, 2022. The flat weekend parking rate is now in effect.



Hours of Operation: 


  1. Zone A                      24/7 enforcement                    $ 2.50/hr.  2 Hour Maximum

Daily Meter Rental Fee                      $25.00

Monthly Meter Rental Fee                  $400.00

Overnight Parking

Midnight -6:00am                               $10.00


  1. Zone B                       24/7 enforcement                   $ 1.50/hr.  2 Hour Maximum

Daily Meter Rental Fee                      $25.00

Monthly Meter Rental Fee                  $400.00          

Overnight Parking

Midnight -6:00am                               $5.00


  1. Zone C                      24/7 enforcement                     $ 1.00/hr.  2 Hour Maximum

Daily Meter Rental Fee                      $25.00

Monthly Meter Rental Fee                  $400.00

Overnight Parking

Midnight -6:00am                               $5.00


Permanent Meter removal Fee for development or other purposes will be the total of the Monthly Meter Rental Fee x 12 months x 5 years, per meter. ((400x12) x5)             $24,000.00


SECTION 2:              Fines. The fines for parking violations, as set forth in Chapter 86 of the City Code, are hereby established as follows:


  1.   Expired Meter         (Sec. 86-263)                      $ 37.50

  2nd Offense within 6 months                               $ 75.00

  3rd Offense within 1 year                                                $150.00


  1.   Non-Moving Violations

  Sec. 86-225 thru 86-266                                     $ 60.00

2nd Offense within 6 months                                $ 75.00

3rd Offense within 1 year                                     $150.00


  1. Disabled Parking       (Sec. 86-238)                     $250.00


  1. Stopping, Standing, and Parking in

Fire Lanes and at Hydrants  (Sec. 86-224 )           $ 75.00


  1. Late Fees                                                              $ 25.00


  1. Immobilization Fee                                              $ 50.00


  1. Crossing Guard Surcharge  (Sec. 86-242 )           $ 3.00


SECTION 3:   Parking Permits Businesses or organizations with fifty (50) or more employees or members, twenty-five (25) of which park in City parking facilities, may purchase monthly parking permits, on a space available basis, at a 15% discount off the market rate for the facility.

Businesses or organizations with fifty (50) or more employees or members that purchase 12-24 monthly parking permits, on a space available basis, will receive a 10% discount off the market rate for the facility.                                                  

Businesses that employ hospitality workers may purchase monthly garage parking permits, on a space available basis, at a discount of 50% of market rate for eligible employees with proof of employment as a hospitality worker.

All Discounts will be applied on the 1st day of the following month once all requirements are met.


City Center:                                        401 Banyan Boulevard

Banyan Street Garage                         200 Banyan Boulevard

Clematis Street Garage                       500 Banyan Boulevard

Evernia Street Garage                         300 Evernia Street

Sapodilla (PD) Garage                        640 Clematis Street


Hours of Operation: 24/7




Hourly:    Mon-Fri.                            $1.00 First two Hours

                                                            $2.00 Each Additional ½ hour after the 1st Two Hours


Flat Rate: Saturday, Sunday             $5.00 All Day

                 & Holidays  


                 Maximum Daily Rate        $20.00

                 Lost Ticket                         $20.00




                 Monthly                             $100.00 plus tax

                 Residential                         $ 80.00 plus tax




Hours of Operation: 24/7


  1. Okeechobee Lot                    801 Dixie Highway


            Daily Rate                               $ 5.00

            Monthly Permit                       $50.00 plus tax


  1. Post Park Lot                       Flagler & Fern


Daily Rate                               $ 5.00

Monthly Permit                       $50.00 plus tax

Assisted Living                       $35.00 plus tax


  1. Howard Park Lot                  Parker Avenue


Daily Rate                               $ 5.00

Monthly Permit                       $50.00 plus tax

SECTION 4: Definitions.

Downtown Residential rate.  The Downtown Residential rate shall be available only to persons who own or lease a residential unit located in the Downtown Master Plan Area of the City, including but not limited to nursing homes, in which residential units do not provide any parking for its tenants or do not have parking available for its tenants.    Downtown residents with no available parking at their residential unit will be limited to one (1) permit per residence at the current downtown residential rate. 


Downtown residents requiring an additional space for a 2nd vehicle will be limited to one (1) permit at the City’s full parking permit rate. Confirmation of parking unavailability from the residential unit management office will be required to be eligible for a City Residential Parking Permit.  


Downtown Residents will have to provide proof of residency, which requires a valid driver’s license as well as two of the following documents stating applicant’s name and address:

  • Signed lease agreement
  • Current phone bill(land line), water, electric, or cable bill showing residential service address
  • Deed or signed property purchase contract


The City reserves the right to request proof of residency at any time.


Hospitality Worker is defined as any individual, including, but not limited to, table servers, cooks, dish washers, etc., who works for a restaurant, hotel or similar establishments and who performs a service for a City-based hospitality employer. "Hospitality Worker" does not include a managerial employee.

Remote Parking Permits are defined as permits issued for underutilized areas in either parking facilities or on street where the utilization factor is less than 20%.

Meter Zone A- Areas of highest turnover demand where the occupancy is greater than 50%.

Meter Zone B- Areas of moderate turnover demand where the occupancy is greater than 30%.

Meter Zone C- Areas of low turnover demand where the occupancy is less than 30%